Minggu, 15 Oktober 2017

Lyft drivers are making new in-app navigation built with Google Maps

Up to this point, Lyft drivers have needed to set up an occupation in the Lyft application and after that change to an alternate one for route. The inconvenience of doing that will fluctuate contingent upon the telephone, however it's surely not perfect. It's difficult to discuss the ride-hailing administration without contrasting it with its greatest adversary, Uber, which has a restrictive in-application route framework that is viewed as a major preferred standpoint.

Lyft hasn't been overlooking the circumstance and has recently reported that its own in-application route framework is prepared to go. As opposed to go to the inconvenience of building up an answer, be that as it may, Lyft has joined forces with Google to incorporate its effectively full-highlighted innovation.

Including Google Maps route specifically in the Lyft application should profit drivers and travelers alike, as rides ought to begin only that smidgen faster. A refresh to the driver application will take off right away on Android, however it's just 'coming soon' for iOS gadgets. Probably more Lyft drivers utilize Android telephones, as you don't see that regularly.
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